2019 Different styles of wedding chairs!

There is a detailed introduction to the most popular types of wedding chairs to help you find the perfect ones for your wedding or event banquet.

Wedding chairs are absolutely indispensable for your important day. Your guests will need a place to sit during the ceremony and throughout the reception, but the types of chairs you choose can also affect your wedding decor and overall aesthetic. Of course with so many other details (guest list, flowers, food, garment…and so on ) to worry about as you’re planning your wedding, it’s easy to leave the chairs on the back burner, especially if your venue provides them or you don’t have wiggle room in your budget to splurge on fancy rentals. But keep in mind that the chairs will be in a lot of your wedding photos — and depending on the size of your guest list, you could have hundreds of them throughout your venue. Even if you only invest in a few special chairs for your sweetheart table and keep the rest simple, we think it’s worth it!

Infinity chair :

Phoenix chair rental

Also called the phoenix chair, the infinity chair features an oval back with two overlapping circles that create a loop-inspired pattern. The end result is an “infinity” effect by being unable to tell where each circle begins or ends. Product Description The Phoenix Chair is the perfect addition to living rooms, dens, finished basements and more with its sleek style and comfy design. You can find infinity chairs in several colors, including white, gold, black, and even clear acrylic. Therefore, you need to match the theme color according to the wedding scene to achieve a better effect.

Chiavari chair :

Chiavari chairs are also known as the Tiffany chair or Chiavarina is a popular choice for weddings. These chairs are similar to banquet chairs in some ways, but they are often considered to be a bit more elegant. This faux bamboo option is one of the most popular wedding chair styles. Chiavari chairs are often in neutral tones or metallics, but some manufacturers provide bright colors, pastels, or even transparent varieties. They’re most often used at different styles of banquet occasions, it also has fabric decorations.

Chameleon chair :

The Chameleon Chair Collection, first introduced at the Academy Awards Governors Ball in 2005, has established itself as seating that blends innovation with beauty. Since its’ inception, the Chameleon Chair has been providing its clients with versatility, style, and comfort previously unparalleled in the event industry. If you don’t recognize these chairs, that’s because they’re usually draped in fabric or otherwise disguised (hence the name). The metal frames can be customized with colorful cushions, stylish sashes, or decorative slipcovers.

Round back gold stainless steel chair :

If you want to take your event or banquet to the next level then this is your chair. Our luxury dining chair range is made up of the Gold Round Back Dining Chair and Gold Rim Dining Chair and other designs chair. The round back gold stainless steel wedding chair is an original design that is sure to wow prospective clients and guests. Constructed from durable Stainless Steel for the event furniture industry and handcrafted to our exact specifications for necessary comfort and allure, you’ll be able to depend on the round back gold stainless steel chair for years to come.

Ghost chair :

The ghost chair is the reinvention of the classic Louis XV armchair in the modern material of polycarbonate. It is quickly becoming a popular chair offered for large events such as weddings for its indoor/outdoor use, comfort, and durability. These wedding chairs are made entirely of acrylic or lucite. Ghost chairs provide the most modern look for your important day and are typically used in a clear finish for a sleek, minimalist effect.

Cross-back chair :

Wedding cross back chair

Cross back chairs give you a formal yet rustic, trendy look while making an elegant statement. Add a cushion for even more comfort and style! The cross back chairs are offered in multiple colors to meet your specific needs and make event planning easy. It also embodies rustic elegance and is one of the most popular wedding chair styles for farms, gardens, vineyards, and barn venues.

Bentwood chair :

If you’re looking to add simple, rustic charm to any space then look no further than the beech wood, bentwood chair. It’s different from the rattan dining chair. They are a warm, rich-toned, wood-style chair. They suit any venue and style but in particular marquee, country, barn or industrial spaces where they can be incorporated in a wood-based, natural theme and blend perfectly into an organic and native environment.

King Louis chair :

Louis chair dior chair

Louis chair furniture is characterized by elegance and neoclassicism, a return to ancient Greek and Roman models This French neoclassical design is recognized by its oval back and typically features upholstery in natural linen or soft velvet.

As we discussed above, all the chairs have a wide selection of colors, and if paired with the same color table and other furniture and decorations it will elevate the whole wedding style to a real point of appreciation. So how do you choose?

The choice of chair color on the wedding has a lot of, the choice basis is to want to match with the nuptial style of a whole. Most brides like white, it is pure and beautiful, and easy to match the color of the lawn on the wedding site, so it is the most commonly used wedding color. Next, the chair of the wood color also is very popular, the seat of wood color in the forest fastens the wedding can send out natural glamour to get incisively and vividly. Some new people yearn for a full of joy children’s fun wedding, so a row of colorful chairs can absolutely turn you into a fairy tale in the world of the quaint princess, let you have a unique wedding experience!