4 Choose your favorite style of coffee table.

The coffee table is very powerful, and in addition to coffee snacks, the tabletop can also be used for books, magazines and food. In some homes, coffee tables are usually placed in the middle of the living room, or near the sofa. If you want to make the combination of the living room and the coffee table look more harmonious, choose a coffee table that suits your furniture style.

Coffee tables are available in different materials such as marble, wood, glass, and metal, and the factors you need to consider when choosing are materials, sizes, and colors.

First of all, you have to seriously think about the main purpose of your purchase of this coffee table? Before buying, carefully measure the size of the living room and the size of the surrounding furniture to ensure that the desired coffee table matches the best proportion of the living room. If you have a large living room, you can choose a large coffee table. In addition, you can put two small stools on the floor to make up for the gap.

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If you have two sofas or more sofas in your living room, you may want to choose two coffee tables of the same type to avoid the inconvenience of putting items. This way of placement makes it easy for people’s sights to move easily.

For families with children or frequent guests, the edged coffee table is the best choice to prevent food, snacks, red wine, coffee, etc. from being scattered on the carpet. The height of the coffee table is also preferably the same as the height of the surrounding sofa cushion. The height of the coffee table should not be higher than the height of the seat cushion, otherwise it is not convenient to take the cup. Usually the height of the coffee table is 60 cm.

If you want to make the living room space more stylish, you can choose a transparent glass coffee table with a metal frame, which will make the space look more unobstructed.

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  The marble tabletop coffee table is placed in such a long and narrow living room space. Note that there is a certain space on both sides of the coffee table to prevent the calf from hitting the table.

For a living room with seating around, a round coffee table is the best choice, regardless of the primary and secondary, ensuring that it can be touched in any direction.

If you like retro style, you can choose such an antique stroller as a coffee table, which can create a strong retro feeling. When buying, you must pay attention to check the pulleys to prevent scratching the floor or carpet. The height and width of the coffee table are not necessarily your real needs, in addition to the basic practicality, but also meet the aesthetic requirements of the space.