5 unique sofa design for your wedding party.

The wedding is a big day for every couple, so it needs to be taken seriously.

Therefore, newlyweds need to prepare for the wedding in advance, including venue selection, wedding style needs and so on. On the festive day, the guests came to celebrate and participate in the event, when they were tired, they would find a place to rest. At this time, the soft sofa will help you a lot, and the presence of the sofa will give the scene a visual sense. Because the wedding is only done once, renting a sofa is the best option than buying, and our company is willing to offer wedding sofa for bride and groom rental services.

  • Lounge sofa:

Event square island bench sofa for wedding rental produce an integrated modular seating look with this modern style. Ideal for flight and lounge areas. Upholstered in PU leather, this seat feels luxurious to the touch, ensures pure comfort with its soft, gorgeous material. The seat doesn’t just have the impeccable style, it also provides comfort and space. This lounge bench is further wide therefore you’re able to seat your guests each side of the seat so produce two zones for a cocktail party or lounge style party or event.

  • Sectional sofa:

Stainless steel frame wedding sofa with coffee table set for hire is classic designs and contemporary styled upscale lounge furniture for your event. Modular white velvet sofa set with a stainless steel frame that can be used against a wall as a banquette or as a whimsical sofa that seats up to 5 persons comfortably. The white wedding sofa set with coffee table is simple yet elegant. This sofa set looks fantastic in any environment and compliments the feel of every event., will be helpful to make your event come to life and special.

  • White Leather sofa set

Wedding white Leather sofa set with long bench hire is a great metallic look for an event which will enhance your party atmosphere and help to create an event to remember. This modern white Leather sofa set with long bench ottomans. Chrome framed tables with glass tops to accent. Sofas can compliment any style of lounge event, modern or classic. Our white wedding sofas can compliment an Art –Deco themed party as much as they can add to a contemporary party A popular choice of furniture hire at many events including weddings, corporate events, for Venues, Hotels or Summer Marquees. This sofa set looks fantastic in any environment and compliment the feel of every event.

  • 1+1+3 outdoor sofa

Wood frame design 1+1+3 outdoor event party sofa furniture hire complete the lounge area of your wedding or special event. This hit collection of sectional seating includes 3-seat sofa, love seats, sofa chair and coffee table. The pieces can be used in a number of combinations to create the seating option that’s perfect for you. This fully modular sectional wedding sofa allowing you to configure the ensemble to suit your needs and deck out the space available in style. Every piece features a solid wood frame, and each seating element comes outfitted with weather-resistant cushions so comfortable, you’ll forget your outdoors.

  • Sofa and table set 

White sofa and coffee table set for wedding reception provide the seating for more than 6 people to make it a warm and inviting space comfortable for party and event. Gorgeous white PU leather gives this furniture a sleek modern look but it also makes each piece extremely lightweight and easy to move! The white coffee table with a glass top makes this wedding sofa table set multifunctional furniture. With simple and natural details like this sofa and table set, Perfect for your next event or formal corporate party.

I hope my recommendation can help your wedding, I hope you have a happy wedding.

If you are interested in the above products or would like to know more about wedding products, please consult with us, and we will do our best to help you.