6 ways better place and design Ottoman and coffee tables

People often pay attention to the location of sofas, chairs and other furniture in living and family rooms, but Ottoman and coffee tables? And they are often overlooked. In fact, this furniture can help to put together each space, provide a place to place coffee or store magazines, and also hold on the feet.

If you are about to reschedule or remodel your living space, consider placing a coffee table and footstool next. This furniture can provide a style and comfort that you can’t think of.

Coffee table :

The coffee table belongs to the furniture. After all, its main goal is to store drinks, books and the rest of the little things to display in your living space. If you need help decorating the surface of a coffee table, consider the usual lifestyle, with the following tips:

You can choose the setting of the square. To add a foundation to your schedule, use squares such as trays or books.

Add some height items. Give your coffee table some height and size with a bottle of flower or candlestick.

Give it a life symbol. Add plants or other natural accessories to make the space more vivid.

Use different shapes. Add round or irregular shapes to get attention.

Remember: you can switch the decor of the coffee table at any time. Keep these tips in mind when you want to make new decisions.


After a long and busy job, nothing is better than sitting in your favorite chair – but the right ottoman will make this lounge space more comfortable and attractive. Although it is often used as a kicker, the footrest is not subject to this restriction – if you want to use it for other purposes, you can use it for storage and even replace the coffee table.

Your ottoman should be placed based on how you want to use it. If you use the ottoman as a footrest, place this piece of furniture near where you are sitting. If you plan to use it to store living room accessories, the ottoman can be placed almost anywhere – for example, next to a sofa, in the corner of a room or near an entertainment system. If you use Ottoman as a more useful place, please put it between your seating arrangements and use it for a coffee table. From there, you can design it at will – add a tray for storing drinks, books or TV remotes, or to decorate your room and cover your favorite blankets on top.