Advantages and disadvantages of sofa bed

A wise and savvy shopper never picks items randomly by just focusing on its price tag. There are so many other points to consider when you plan to buy an item. You need to see both the negative and positive aspects of a product to determine if the item is actually saving you money. In this blog-post , I’m focusing on the same point and displaying both sides of product to help you become a wise, savvy shopper.

It’s a sofa; it’s a bed – it’s a sofa bed! The very reason for the existence of the sofa bed is to accommodate friends and family. Its very nature is one of hospitality and of comfort. As a design solution, the sofa bed has come a long way; from bulky and often complicated mechanical beasts to that of chic, simple and durable alternatives to the classic love-seat or couch.

Purchasing a sofa bed is much like weighing your options with any type of furniture: it requires some in-depth research to ensure that you’re getting the perfect piece for your own tastes and your specific space. With the options available today, this is often easier said than done.

Sofa bed is a multi-purpose furniture item that serves many functions; it serves you as a sofa, it provides you the comfort of a bed and above all it saves you space. Now the question arises does it save you money too? Well that depends on how beneficial and durable it is and how perfectly it serves you as a sofa or bed. Savvy shopping is not that you managed to grab the sofa at a reasonable price; the actual savvy shopping is that the sofa bed is value for money by serving you perfectly. For that purpose you need to measure the pros and cons of sofa beds which are detailed below.



The very first benefit of a sofa bed is its multi-functionality. Sofa bed serves you best if you are running short of space at home and want to add an item that fulfills your multiple needs. It is a useful product for people living in apartments or sharing a flat. A quality sofa bed will not only save space but provides the ultimate level of comfort. Big families with small homes also find this space saving furniture a good investment to purchase. If you want to get a space saving multi-functional furniture item in your kid’s room, children sofa beds do not only play the role of bed and sofa but also possess enough space at the bottom to be served as a playing area.

Its very convenient and useful if you have a lot of guests coming over or if you live in a small house and don’t have a guest room .another thing is that It gives you a chance to make use of it in many ways. it can give you a sofa in your bedroom throughout the day then you can easily change it to a bed at night whenever you want .they are very easy to use and they are compact; you can easily move these around your home to the place where you need them.

Vast array of designs and sizes

The second advantage of Louise sofa beds is its immense range of designs and styles. The vast array of sofa bed styles makes it easier for you to maintain the decor of your home the way you want. For example, if you have a traditional styled home, you don’t need to change its look by compromising on a contemporary styled sofa bed; you will easily find a huge variety in traditionally designed sofa beds to match your home interior. As far as the sizes are concerned, you would find the item in a number of different dimensions customizing your requirements. The unfolding mechanism of sofa beds varies from style to style; I would suggest you to prefer the one that comes with a simple click-clack operating system. The price range of sofa beds also varies as per the design and quality of the sofa bed.


At times you get bored of the same monotonous setting of the house and want change, then it is very good source of bringing change into your home. On a holiday convert your sofa of your living room into a bed open the curtains of the windows and enjoy the view of your lawn and feel the flavor of a picnic. the best thing about a sofa bed is that its very comfortable and cozy for anyone to use .its also very inexpensive compared to regular beds and regular sofas.

Everything has two sides so you must consider these points while buying a sofa bed Sometimes you are faced with the problem of an uncomfortable sofa beds .this usually happens because they have different folding and gaps which makes it a bit annoying to sit down on or to sleep on .sofa beds are also very heavy compared to other beds. As they are functional as both beds and sofas so you must consider the extra weight.


Heavy and huge 

Being a multi-functional item, sofa beds can be heavy in weight and huge in size. You would need more than one person to move them from place to place around the house. moreover ,These sofas need a specific setting in the room to place as they are going to be pulled out so often you will have to move away from the wall.

You may experience difficulty during the delivery of this item as most couriers only deliver to the ground floor of flats/apartments or to the front door of your home. You then have to take it to the room of your choice and open it there. Try and opt for a 2 man delivery service if one is provided by your seller as this would take the hassle of out of delivery.

Comfort level
Even though sofa beds are comfortable in comparison with other alternative options, they cannot replace the comfort of a regular bed. If you want to use it on a regular basis you should purchase sofa beds with built-in mattresses.

Convertible mechanism
The convertible mechanism might give you tough time while turning it from sofa to bed. Sometimes the mechanism breaks down with excessive or improper use, or it gets damaged during delivery.

Care Challenges

Owning a sofa bed in the past may have included issues with cleaning the sofa bed fabric and the mattress. It was often the case that the sofa looked old and worn even when it was only a few years old. Stains just wouldn’t fade away with these materials, but sleeper sofa manufacturers have improved their techniques. Today’s models have stain-resistant fabric, which allows you to wipe away those stains with certain cleaners. Simply follow the instructions so that every stain is quickly obliterated. Where the mattress is concerned follow these cleaning tips . Alternatively, hire a cleaning company in order to keep your sofa and mattress as new as possible.

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