Different Chiavari chair

Do you know how to improve your wedding grade? Many people think of color, floral, table decoration, etc., but in fact, the back decoration is also very visually influential. Therefore, the presence of chiavari chairs is especially important in outdoor lawn weddings.

Next, I will lead you to know about our company’s bamboo chair products.

This chair features a metal aluminum frame that provides a PU cushion for a more comfortable seat. Imagine putting a white or pink ribbon on the back of the chair, which may make the chair bright and leave a deep impression on the audience, becoming one of the highlights of the wedding.

This aluminum frame bamboo chair with fabric cushions can be considered with a layer of embroidered chair cover. It is popular in Western weddings and is popular because of its sturdy and durable features.

This low-key color matching chair has a unique design. If you can hang the jasmine ball on the back of the chair, it will also bring aroma to the guests while becoming an ornament. It is said that the flowers can also make people feel. Getting better

With a luxurious gold look, this chair is more selling, whether you are planning a luxury wedding or an event, these masterpieces will surely surprise you. These modern chair rentals bring a special feeling to your event and are sure to be welcomed by you.

The white chair made of resin frame, elegant and dignified appearance, suitable for any wedding theme color, simple and versatile, can add flowers or ribbons on the back of the chair, and the use of this chair will solve the troubles for the new couple, for the newlyweds Arranging the wedding saves time.

In addition to the wedding venues, these chairs can also be placed in hotels, restaurants and other major venues. In addition, our company provides chair rental services. For more information, please feel free to contact us.