Choose the appropriate furniture for theme restaurant

The first thing to know is what a theme restaurant is.

Themed restaurant is a basic place to provide customers with a diet through a series of one or more historical or other themed attraction signs. Its biggest feature is to give the general restaurant a certain theme, and create a restaurant’s operating atmosphere around the established theme: all products, services, colors, shapes and activities in the restaurant are themed services, making the theme a feature that customers can easily identify And stimuli that produce consumer behavior.

Classification of theme restaurants

1.The spatial planning of the restaurant with the theme of regional customs and customs highlights the heavy civilization that has been reflected in people’s memories and is imprinted in people’s characters. After design and planning, it uses modern methods to recall the past good times.

For example, the restaurant planning with the theme of rural farmhouses: the pressure of people’s lives is getting more and more important in this world. The hope of returning to nature in this world is a chronological trend. The restaurants and restaurants with the theme of rural farmhouses are welcomed. For example, plants are decorated in the appearance of the space.The hall is surrounded by a winding small waterway.The ceiling lamps are planned as corn pictures.The straw hats, horse lanterns and other objects are displayed on the walls.

2. Restaurant planning with the theme of prehistoric civilization: Because the planning positioning of the theme restaurant is closely connected with the operation of the enterprise, the restaurant planning must have an intact theme in order to capture the different civilization demands of each planning object quickly and accurately. Planning can assist planners to find their different themes and strengthen the thematic and civilized spatial planning.

3.Breaking through the old-fashioned interior space with the style of individuality, the ground is paved with turquoise and gray stone slabs. Tables and chairs made of thick rattan and thin bamboo, light-colored natural materials, huge ancient trees and green shades, the stream from the original stone base is close to the rural landscape of the southern Jiangsu countryside, the environment builds a sense of calmness and enlightenment. The lights add a lot of elegance.

4.The literary and artistic style is the theme of the restaurant design and planning: the hall is based on old colors, covered with ancient floor tiles, wooden dining tables and chairs, and the table is covered with dark table cloths. These decorative elements are all building the theme of literary classics. It will be a little boring to express ancient civilization blindly, and planners use modern decoration materials to coordinate the deployment: natural stone and modern metal materials, natural wall patterns and exquisite art glass, raw wood carving and modern Crystal bead curtain etc.

5.Nostalgic style is the theme of restaurant design and planning: nostalgic searching for antiquity is a theme often used in the planning of catering spaces, excavating and arranging the rich features of prehistoric civilization, reproducing the flavor of prehistoric history, and giving the dining space a very strong vitality and appeal. On the ground paved with slate-grey stone slabs, picking up the steps and then winding the corridor. The environment builds a sense of calmness and enlightenment.

Several important factors in choosing furniture

Sometimes, in the restaurant, some small things can change everything. One of them is the furniture you choose for the restaurant. When you choose furniture for your restaurant, it is important to consider several factors that can greatly influence the choice of furniture for your restaurant.

1. Quality rather than quantity

Although choosing cheap furniture may be an attractive option, you must consider the greater prospects and what cheap furniture means in the long run. There is a reason why cheap furniture is cheap, and it will definitely wear out seriously. Going all out to buy a good quality furniture will be your best choice. So don’t be stingy at this point!

2. Comfort / Customer needs

Make sure you consider and understand who your customer base is and what their needs are. Make according to the dishes, prices, themes, etc. you provide. Does your client care about the softness and height of the cushion or the design? If it is a popular family restaurant, do you need to put a raised seat on the chair? How convenient is the seat for people of all sizes and sizes? When it comes to customer service, it is very important to make your customers feel comfortable.

3. Aesthetic

This is probably self-evident, but the appearance of your restaurant furniture is an important consideration. Ideally, you will find a compromise. Once you have decided on a set of colors and design themes, stick to it. Don’t try to include too many colors and designs, otherwise it will start to look messy, which is definitely not what you want.

4. Excellent choice to create this atmosphere

When choosing furniture, it is important to consider the intent of the restaurant. What kind of mood do you want? Society? Elegant? Casual? In restaurants, people’s mood is largely influenced by the available furniture. The round table encourages discussion, while the long table implies a more serious and elegant atmosphere. In addition, the high cocktail table encourages people to walk around and socialize. Before you choose aesthetics, consider the basic shape and design of the furniture.

5. Maneuverability

Depending on the space you have, furniture can help or negatively affect the feeling and flow of the restaurant. If you have a small space, choosing furniture may be a bit like a Tetris game. When you want to accommodate as many people as possible in your space, consider whether people can move easily, or whether they will be too crowded. This applies not only to customers, but also to employees. In addition, when arranging seats, consider whether you can move around the table to accommodate smaller or larger parties.

6. Optimize space

If you use more space than you need, you can choose furniture to create a hint of space. This does not necessarily mean having a huge chair, but you can use extra space to adjust the height and width of the furniture.

In summary, a restaurant with a theme style must be creative in choosing fast dining tables and chairs. The theme restaurant decoration design must have a relatively clear style positioning and a novel design theme to be able to attract consumers’ attention and attention accurately in the first time visually. Popular brand restaurants do not attract consumers only by providing delicious cuisine. We all know that restaurant decoration design is inseparable from soft decoration, because both the visual effect and the overall space atmosphere performance are created through three important factors: furniture, household items and decorations Combination and match.