Different types of wedding chair covers refer to fabric and use

Chair covers are a particularly important accessory for the chairs at special events like wedding, anniversary then. While chairs are a necessity and should are available designer styles and patterns, it’s a chair cover that enhances the chair’s overall look and feels.

If you’re concerned about planning the decor for your wedding or the other event and wondering what sort of chair cover you ought to pick, the primary thing is to understand more about the kinds of chair covers. There are many various sorts of wedding chair covers that exist on the market – so understanding the difference between them is vital for best meeting your needs. inspect the differences below:

Types of Chair Covers:

1. Universal

If you’re unsure what sort of wedding chair cover to settle on, it’s always better to remain on the safe side: pick the universal chair cover. this sort of cheap chair cover is meant with a universal fit which makes it easier to use and handle. you only need to put it on the chair, secure its tie, and you are good to go. The universal chair cover can cover just any sort of chair.

As the name suggests, these chair covers go well with any sort of chair, setting, and venue. they’re easy to seek out and tie-up with a chair. All you’ve got to try to do is place the cover over a chair and tie it to the rear, and you’re done.

2. Satin

Satin is yet one more shiny and stunning fabric commonly used both for chair sashes and covers. Satin chair covers and sashes are available in various colors. If you would like to rework your ordinary and boring banquet chair into a beautiful one, something which will help effortlessly brighten up the whole event venue, satin chair covers are your best choice. you’ll also add satin chair sashes to make a bold statement of vivid color for your venue.

these chair covers made up of satin fabric, are your pick once you want to offer a glowing and glossy look to the seating arrangement. it’s ideal for a summer outdoor wedding event. you’ll pick from a variety of bright colors and shades.

3. Polyester

The polyester chair covers are perfect once you have round and square backed chairs, especially within the banquet setting. It helps to make an off-the-cuff look that goes smooth and seamless with the encompassing. they’re generally created from 180 gsm polyester fabric. to feature glamor to the casual look that polyester covers provide, you’ll tie colorful and shimmering organza sashes round the back of the chair.

4. Spandex

Lycra, also called spandex or elastane, is taken into account as a singular sort of wedding chair covers. Lycra chair covers are created from190 gsm spandex fabric and are designed to snugly and tightly fit almost any sort of chair. they are doing not only look clean and flawless, but they also provide a comparatively sleek, elegant, and contemporary finish. Lycra chair covers can make an old and ugly standard chair or a standard Samsonite style plastic folding or banquet chair excellently stunning and attractive. they will even be used for industrial style metal chairs. Many event organizers choose this sort of cloth because it’s wrinkle-free, easy to wash, and pretty. Lycra wedding sashes are often added to realize an ideal wedding chair look.

Spandex chair covers are almost like the spandex banquet chair covers therein they’re also made from 190 gsm spandex fabric. they have a tendency to suit a typical Samsonite style plastic chair – however, there also are others that fit the more industrial style metal folding chairs. The spandex chair covers are great for dressing up a typical chair.

Made of spandex, these chair covers provide the sleek-fit capability that spandex is understood for; creating a finish that’s contemporary and classy. Easy to place on and need less maintenance.

5. Chiavari

If you would like a mix of luxury and elegance, you’ll choose Chiavari chair covers. this sort of wedding chair cover is legendary for its sheer design and glossy finish. Chiavari Chair Covers are generally ruffled or embroidered. Chiavari sashes, on the opposite hand, can add a touch more character and additional pizazz to your entire chair appearance. These chair covers are the epitome of luxury, exuding a bright appearance that’s purely elegant and smooth in look. to offer an exquisite touch to the chair cover finish, the designers often add sash for that uniquely attractive form.

You can make your chair look more beautiful by adding either organza, burlap, damask, or satin sashes no matter the sort of wedding chair cover you’ll use.

The choice of materials

Simple Cotton

Cotton may be a natural fiber that grows in areas with a fairly warm climate. It is often spun into fibers of varying weights. the material is straightforward to stitch, comes during a sort of colors and patterns, and is usually inexpensive. Cotton polyester blends are easy to launder. Bedsheets are often made from cotton, or cotton-poly blends and maybe a cheap source of cloth for chair covers and other projects.

Heavy-Weight Cotton

Cotton is often wont to make heavier fabrics, like denim or canvas. These materials are often wont to make work pants due to their durability and their ability to breathe. Like chair covers, natural-colored canvas makes an understated presentation while still being sturdy. It is not, however, stain-resistant. Blue denim, on the opposite hand, has the happy property of not showing tons of grime or stains because of its dark color.

Lovely Linen

Linen comes from flax and may be grown in colder climates. It is often a finicky fabric to figure with, but it’s a light-weight texture almost like cotton. Historically, it had been blended with wool to make a lighter fabric. Modern linen fibers are often blended with rayon which improves its texture, making it less likely to wrinkle. Frequently, it’s colors that are related to professional attire but can sometimes be made from prints.

Microfiber is a tremendous modern fabric that has interesting thermal properties, also as being stain and spill-resistant. The thermal properties of microfiber give slipcovers made up of it the power to feel cooler or warmer than ordinary fabrics. this is often because microfiber has poor conductivity. additionally, microfibers tend to resist moisture, causing spills to bead abreast of the surface of the material where it is often wiped up before it soaks into the particular upholstery.

At an equivalent time, because it’s fabric, the microfiber slipcovers look and desire ordinary upholstery. Meaning you’ll protect the fine dining room chairs without resorting to those ubiquitous plastic covers. Finally, it’s simply stronger than cotton, linen or wool. The synthetic fibers resist seam pulling better and may, therefore, delay better under the rough use that the covers might get with a lively family.

Spandex Slip Covers

Spandex is that stretchy stuff that’s used to make bicycling costumes and other kinds of sportswear. Rumor has it that it does an honest job of stretching, but not nearly as good employment at wicking moisture. Fortunately, as an error cover wicking moisture is that the last item you would like it to try to, but the stretchy quality of the fabric makes it possible to have a slipcover that fits snuggly around your chair without elaborate fitting.

Better yet, it’s easy to vary out with another slipcover, in order that they are often washed frequently. When protecting your furniture from a busy family, which will be a crucial point! Spandex slipcovers are often used on almost any quite chair, even folding chairs, making it a simple thanks to transforming ordinary gymnasium seating into something extraordinary.

Brocade, Lace, and Tapestry

Brocade may be a beautiful fabric that will be made up of a spread of fibers. At just one occasion, it’d been made up of silk, but today a reasonable version is formed from polyester. Metallic threads are sometimes included, and it’s available during a sort of colors. For an appearance of luxury and opulence, it’s hard to beat brocade.

Lace isn’t a practical fabric as a seat covering but are often wont to make an accent on the rear of a chair. for instance, a pouf or bow might be attached to the rear of a clear or brocade chair cover to make an additional little bit of festivity.

Tapestry weave is usually created as an upholstery cloth. Not as washable as another fabric, it does have a particular dignity and suitability as a chair cover. The heavy fabric wears well and works nicely with Victorian decor.

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