How to arrange wedding table?

The decoration of the wedding ceremony is a highlight. Whether the wedding is gorgeous or not, whether the scene is lively or not, these will give the guests an impression of whether the wedding is satisfactory, so some details of the wedding scene have to be handled well, such as the wedding table decoration. The beautiful table decoration not only can increase the atmosphere of the wedding scene, but also make the scene more beautiful, and it can also make the guests feel happy and leave a deep impression. Naturally, the arrangement of the newcomers is full of praise.

It is not easy to have a fine wedding. During the wedding, the exquisite and beautiful table decoration depends on the beauty of the wedding banquet. But how do you decorate the table to look good? Below I will share the wedding table layout method for everyone.

  • Flower table decoration

Wedding table setting table decorations can choose flowers, such as lily, rose and so on. The flowers can be tied into a flower ball and placed in the center of the table. The flowers should be chosen to be close to the theme of the venue. If you want to save some money, you can decorate it with fake flowers. Although it doesn’t look so real, it is environmentally friendly. In addition to the overall arrangement of the table flower color, it can not be ignored with the color of the tablecloth.

  • Table setting

The entire wedding table setting will be based on the color of the tablecloth. The effects of different colors are completely different. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the arrangement of the tablecloth in coordination with the layout of the venue. Nowadays, white, beige and red are common in the market, and white is more suitable for European style weddings.

  • Potted table decoration

Plants can not only improve eye fatigue, but also make people feel better. Try to put potted plants on the wedding table, guests smell the smell of flowers and plants, and the potted plants are pleasing to the eye, provoke the appetite of the guests, and make the dinner more perfect.

  • Table lamp

If the wedding scene is dark, you can choose to place the table lamp. The lantern table decoration can add warmth to the winter wedding and create a home atmosphere. And the table lamp is easy to prepare, just a small candle, the lantern can map the light.