How to choose the perfect side table?

It might seem silly, but if you don’t take into consideration front room furniture arrangement before you leave and buy your side tables, you’ll find yourself with a front room that just feels a touch unnatural, like something’s almost right. this type of unexplainable discomfort during a front room is typically all right down to furniture arrangement.

There are typically only a handful of locations in the living room where a side table just looks right:  One side table either side of a long sofa,One side table separating two sofas perpendicular to each other,One side table beside a sofa armchair,One side table in the corner of the living room.

The purpose of getting a side table is to supply a further surface in your front room which, thanks to the smaller size of a side table, can easily be tucked away in awkward spaces or placed wherever you would like an additional surface without taking over an excessive amount of room.

If the side table is to be used as an additional surface additionally to a coffee table, you would like to be ready to reach the side table easily from your seat. Side tables are great for the far corners of the front room where you can’t easily reach the coffee table within the center. The table should be an equivalent height because the sofa’s arm preferably, in order that someone needs only extend their arm to place down their drink. Any armchairs or accent chairs within the front room should have a side table beside it as somewhere to place drinks, glasses, books, etc. The side table is additionally wont to create a way of visual balance and harmony within the front room.

In smaller living rooms, having a side table or two may be a great space-saving alternative to a coffee table. But in bigger living rooms there’s no reason why you can’t have both.

End Tables by Style

No one knows your personal style better than you are doing — a minimum of in theory. Sometimes we all know what we love but finding pieces to best represent our style reception is hard. If you’re curious, take our style quiz and obtain started with some pieces you would possibly love. But here’s a fast rundown of some common styles (also, it’s totally ok if you’re keen on a touch little bit of everything — that just means you actually can’t fail to choose an end table).

Modern Style

Contemporary and modern are usually put together, but there’s variation here. Both styles emphasize geometric shapes and minimalism but contemporary is now and current. Modern happened within the last half of the 20th century and reflects newfound technologies and designs. Modern end tables will usually be shapely and in neutral color palettes. You’ll likely see marble, glass, and chrome.

Farmhouse Style

Fixer-upper farmhouse is recognized by tradition, light colors, distressing, and practicality. It’s all a few sense of home and luxury with farmhouse style. Shiplapping, X-shaped details, and warm, functional elements are what you’ll find with farmhouse style end tables.

Mid-Century Modern Style

One of the foremost recognizable styles, mid-century modern features a distinct look usually involving tapered legs, wood grain, clean lines, and delicate curves with minimal design. Retro-inspired, mid-century modern end tables are often warm wood or marble and have tapered wood or metal hairpin legs with occasional pops of bold color.

Transitional Style

Simply put, transitional style takes traditional style elements and mixes during a few contemporary elements for a more approachable, organic look. So a transitional end table might look more timeless and traditional or a touch on the contemporary or modern side. It all depends on the balance of your space and what you would like to tug in.

We underestimate how important it’s to settle on the proper size end table for your space. But when it comes time to succeed in for that drink or book, we remember. In living rooms, end tables should be within two inches of a sofa’s arm height (so choose a 20-24 in. end table if the sofa’s arms are 22 inches in height). End tables shouldn’t overpower the sofa or chairs around them, nor should they be tiny as compared. Space will look well-balanced once you select the right sizes.

End Table Types and Features

An end table can combat many various looks and tasks. Consider what you’d want or need an end table for in your space. If you would like it by accent chairs or your sofa, what does one end up reaching for the most? does one want to use an end table in situ of a coffee table? Take all of this into consideration and explore the various features and kinds of end tables.

End Tables with Drawers

Super, super handy for those that want some extra space for storing. An end table with a drawer or multiple drawers can stash some magazines, a book, or the TV remotes that always seem to disappear.

C-shaped End Tables

An excellent thanks to saving space in your front room, c-shaped end tables, or c tables are like snacks and drink tables. The surface is longer and may nestle right up to your sofa or chair, less bulky than a cocktail table, and far more stylish than a fold-out snack table. It hovers over the arm of a settee or chair and sometimes takes up less space than a standard side table.

Nesting Tables
Another great option for a little space, nesting side tables provide extra table space without taking over an excessive amount of room. you’ll keep them layered with functional pieces also as decor or a lamp. you’ll also spread them out anywhere within the room. Nesting end tables can even be utilized in the center of your front room in lieu of a cocktail table.

Round End Tables
To soften an area, try a round end table. If you’ve got a square or rectangular cocktail table, this is often an especially great way to combine and match shapes. Garden stools or drum tables are great statement-making alternatives to traditional end tables. Garden stools are available all types of colors and styles, sometimes with patterns. Most garden stools are designed for outdoors and made from ceramic so they’re extra durable also.

Chairside End Tables
As the name suggests, chairside tables are end tables that will easily cozy up to your accent chairs. Narrower and smaller than the typical end table, chairside tables help to visually anchor a standalone accent chair while having a surface for reading materials, drinks, a lamp, and more.

Tray Top Tables
Tray top end tables are usually pretty minimalist in design, making them ideal for Scandinavian or mid-century-inspired spaces. These pieces have lift-off trays that make moving books, coffee, or food to a different part of the house with ease. They’re super easy to wash and appearance equally as stylish as other end table styles.

End Table Materials
Like all other accent tables, end tables are available many various sorts of materials. Choosing the proper material is vital during a high-traffic area just like the front room or in an entryway.

A common material for modern-style end tables, metal is flexible , sleek, and comes in several different finishes to fit your space. With metal end tables, you’ll match other metallics within the room otherwise you can even break the principles and do chrome with gold, rose gold with black, brass with silver, etc.

Rattan and wicker are always a la mode but we’ve seen tons of it lately in decorative accent pieces. A rattan end table looks reception during a farmhouse space also as a Scandinavian or eclectic boho room.

A wood accent table is timeless and very practical for almost any style and space. The finish of the wood is entirely up to you. With wood end tables, you’re likely to urge options with drawers, shelves, and hidden storage included.

Glass Top
Glass tops on end tables are elegant, versatile, and classic. You never need to second guess the prevailing furniture or end table decor you’ve got styled on top of transparent glass.

Now that you simply know what to seem for when buying an end table, it’s time to browse! Just remember to stay your personal style in mind also as your needs; always believe what you would like a bit for and what you would like it to try to for you.