Phoenix chair

Xinyu Furniture Co., Ltd. is committed to creating a new wedding experience for people, which is reflected in our products, not only in line with traditional or modern aesthetic requirements, but also in good quality and low price. Next, I will recommend the Phoenix chair for everyone. In recent years, it has become more popular in wedding venues. As a decoration of the wedding, it can also solve the rest of the guests.

The next part is the material composition. Our company provides phoenix chairs in the form of metal, plastic, solid wood, etc. Of course, the comfort is different depending on the material, which requires you to try in advance.

Metal gold phoenix chair :

The sturdy and luxurious metal frame (stainless steel or aluminum frame) gives a feeling of relaxation and a PU cushion, the color can be chosen to accord to the requirements of your wedding site.

Wedding plastic clear resin phoenix chair:

Solid wood Phoenix chair:

The chair with solid wood frame and protective spray paint, with classical style, brings a certain retro atmosphere to the wedding, suitable for people with retro hearts.

The transparent plastic style gives a simple impression, but don’t underestimate it. The unique and elegant style design makes it a good substitute for Chiavari chairs.

If this product is not enough to attract you, you can visit our company’s website, we will help you find the products you need and provide valuable advice.