Pick the right sofa for your wedding or party

At the wedding or party entertainment, because the station is long, the feet will feel sore, then you will subconsciously go to the place to rest. At this time, the sofa may be the best choice. It is not only a party decoration, but also a comfortable experience. Then I will teach you how to choose the right sofa.

Look at the structure and shape first

Whether the frame structure of the sofa is hard or not is a standard for measuring the quality of the sofa, and it is also a guarantee for the durability of the sofa. If the sofa is made of a wooden frame, first open the lining of the base to see if the wood is clean and look for signs of insects and scars. Shape, I believe the first feeling, you want the sofa at the party is low-key or exaggerated, depending on personal needs, then look at the shape of the sofa where it is more appropriate, it is best to set off the nearby furniture.

Consider the size of the sofa

When choosing a sofa, don’t simply consider the appearance and color of the sofa. Comfort is also very important. The size of each part of the sofa should be adapted to the curve of the human body’s physiological structure and conform to the ergonomic principle, so that it is comfortable whether sitting or lying. Then the height of the sofa sitting surface is preferably near the position of the person’s calf. Too high or too low is not conducive to relaxation of the calf muscles. On the back of the sofa, when people lean against the back of the sofa, it is more appropriate for the knee to be at a height other than the sitting surface.

Sofa material selection

There are a wide variety of sofas, and of course, they are made of different materials. Such as fabric sofas, leather sofas and wooden sofas, each with its own advantages, if you want to be easier to clean, you can choose leather, usually wipe the dust.

I hope the above suggestions can help you. If you have any other questions and would like to consult carefully, you can contact us. Our company provides sofa rental and purchase services.