Velvet and Linen options at Chesterfield sofas

Fabric sofas are very comfortable, and there is an entire range of upholstery options to settle on from when picking yours. These sorts of material offer a softer alternative to leather, available during a sort of textures. The welcoming plushness of velvet is another favorite. Linen is additionally a fine fabric choice for comfort, with a light-weight texture that’s cool to the touch.

Velvet may be a great alternative to leather if you would like your Chesterfield sofa to possess that elegant yet luxurious look. the sweetness of a velvet sofa is just ageless, representative of a cloth that has been manufactured for nearly 4,000 years and remains a favorite today.

How is velvet made?

Velvet is woven as a dual-layer cloth on a specialized loom, which weaves two thicknesses of fabric at an equivalent time. it’s a posh process, as all the sets of threads got to be woven at an equivalent time. Afterward, the 2 pieces are then separated with a blade as they’re rolled up separately. Velvet may be a pile fabric, which gets its name from the very fact the threads stick up to make a soft ‘pile’.

Why choose velvet for a Chesterfield sofa?

Two of the plus points for velvet is the way it’s and feels. it’s an opulent feel, which makes it very welcoming and cozy to take a seat back and relax on — an excellent choice if you propose on spending tons of your time unwinding on your new Chesterfield.

Velvet takes alright to an entire sort of dyes, which suggests that it’s available in almost every shade you’ll imagine. With such a lot of versatility in color, it’s easy to seek out a velvet that matches your home décor perfectly.

Additionally, any scuffs and scrapes that your velvet Chesterfield picks up will only increase the antiqued look of the fabric. Over time, your sofa will develop a singular, lived-in appearance that will feel the right reception as a part of your home décor.

Velvet options at Timeless Chesterfields

Here at Timeless Chesterfields, we provide Knightsbridge velvet as a part of our fabric collection. We source it from one among the absolute best mills in Italy, where it’s woven to the very best standard. The finished product may be a material made entirely from 100% cotton (also referred to as velveteen). this sort of velvet is one among the strongest and most hardwearing types available, and since it’s comprised of only natural fibers, it’s much healthier to possess round the house. Our choice of velvet also functions alright alongside other upholstery materials like leather and wool, providing an excellent contrast to their alternate colors and textures.

Linen Chesterfield sofas

Linen is another contender for the title of the world’s oldest fabric that’s still in use. Like velvet, demand for linen as a fabric has not dampened in the least through the years, and it’s still incredibly popular.

How is linen made?

Linen is formed from the fibers of the flax plant, which grows everywhere the planet. A process called ‘retting’ takes place to separate the fibers from the plant. It uses bacteria to decompose the bonds naturally. Next, they undergo ‘scutching’, where the stalks are removed by passing them through two metal rollers. Finally, the fibers are ‘heckled’, which is actually the act of combing them into strands of useable material. From there, they’re woven into linen.

Why choose a linen for a Chesterfield sofa?

Let’s take a better check out why numerous people choose a linen for his or her Chesterfield sofa:

It looks great: Linen features a fantastic texture that appears great, which is one of the most reasons people choose it for his or her sofas. It also features a natural sheen, so during a room with tons of natural light, linen can add a stunning, fresh look to your furnishings.

It’s soft and funky: Linen is soft and cool to the touch, making your sofa the right place to sit back and relax, especially during the summer months. the material will only get softer with use, so you’ll anticipate to years of supreme comfort.

It comes during a lot of colors: Linen fibers work well with a spread of dyes, so there’s an entire rainbow of colors to settle on from to match your home décor.

It’s very easy to stay clean: Linen fibers have a really compact formation that doesn’t come loose, even after many uses. Particles of dust and dirt can’t settle and therefore the fabric’s natural elasticity doesn’t allow them to become embedded within the outer layer.

It’s hypoallergenic: Linen only consists of natural fibers and it’s immune to microbes and mildew, so it’s relatively unlikely to aggravate any allergies. The outer section of the fibers, which is that the layer presumably to cause drag, is removed as a part of the assembly process.

It’s very strong and durable: Linen is one of the toughest upholstery fabrics around and can be ready to get up to the regular use of a Chesterfield sofa without wear and tear. In fact, US dollars are printed on paper that’s 25% linen to feature extra strength. Furthermore, the fabric’s fibers are long and smooth, so you won’t find them shedding or pilling like another material.

Linen options at Timeless Chesterfields

At Timeless Chesterfields, we have the choice of getting your bespoke Chesterfield upholstered in top-quality linen. Our Whitewell linen has been hand-selected by our team of cloth specialists for its luxurious feel and delightful texture. This particular material is additionally very strong, with a mix of 65% cotton and 35% linen leading to heavyweight fabric with a soft peach-skin texture. it’s also brushed after dying for a distressed finish.

Our skilled team of craftspeople also are ready to work with a cloth of your own choosing if you’ve spotted something yourself. they will assist you to source the material and obtain it upholstered onto your furniture, and are quite willing to accommodate special requests. If you’d wish to discuss this feature, or ask the other questions on our products, please don’t hesitate to urge in-tuned.